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B&K Precision Machining is a full cycle production company. We offer CNC machining of parts according to your drawings. We work with all types of metals and their alloys as well as with plastic. Our company takes care of the complete manufacturing process: you just need to send us your drawings and you will receive fully finished parts right on time.

B&K Precision Machining works with drawings of any format. We always have enough raw materials in stock to start production. Our machine park includes modern CNC turning, milling and turn-milling machines. Our company also provides post-processing of the parts at our own capacities. B&K Precision Machining is ready to offer in-house anodizing and additional services such as bending, welding, engraving etc.

Our parts are used in:


The Sich 2 is a small Earth remote sensing satellite based on Yuzhnoye’s MS-2-8 micro satellite plattform. It is built under the National Space Program.

Large Hadron Collider

The Large Hadron Collider is the world’s largest and highest-energy particle collider. It was built by the European Organization for Nuclear Research.


Spacebit’s Asagumo four-legged walking rover will be the first to fly on that first Commercial Lunar Payload Services (CLPS) mission.

“Prompt delivery of CNC parts and components to our dear customers, in order to contribute to creating the excellent final product of higher quality faster and less costly.”
Mission of B&K Precision Machining

What we offer

B&K Precision Machining provides turning services on CNC machines. We manufacture parts of any complexity from plastic, steel, stainless steel, bronze.

Our company offers milling and turn-milling services on CNC machines. We strictly follow the requirements of the drawing.

B&K Precision Machining provides in-house anodising. We offer decorative and protective coating as well as hard anodizing.

We provide additional services: bending, welding, grinding, hardening, etc. You get the finished product according to the drawing.

The Benefits of Cooperation with B&K Precision Machining


Just send us your drawing – we will do the rest. We offer a full cycle of metal processing starting from cutting of the metal bar and up to applying a coating on the part.


The absence of a defect is the key to success in a long-term relationship. We control quality in 6 stages with the use of modern measuring equipment.


In the organization of processes, we follow the Japanese philosophy of 5S: “Cleanliness and order in the workplace.” We use only the best equipment from leading manufacturers of CNC machines.


B&K Precision Machining is fully client-oriented and adhere to the principles of Lean manufacturing. Each client gets a personal manager to work with him.

Our clients are successful enterprises from a variety of industries.
B&K Precision Machining manufactured parts for the aerospace industry, medical equipment, test systems and high-precision measuring devices. Our company highly values long-term cooperation and respects the businesses of our partners. We believe that our success lies in the supply of high-quality parts that meet all requirements of our customers.

We guarantee:

Response to customer request within 2 business hours

Providing our quotation within 2 working days

Solution to any of the clients issues within 1 working day

From Drawings to Finished Product

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