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B&K Precision Machining: prompt delivery of CNC parts to OEMs

B&K Precision Machining is a Polish company, which specializes in the production of custom-made CNC turning and milling components.

Our company offers full-cycle production – once we receive customer’s drawings and specifications we order raw materials according to the requirements of the client, prepare the workpieces and process the parts on our CNC machines.

B&K Precision Machining also offers surface treatment including protective and special coatings. In particular, we do anodizing at our own production facilities. Thus, we ensure a full-cycle production of parts according to the customer’s drawing within one manufacturing facility. Such an advantage helps us to deliver the ready products to our customers within a short lead time and with a 100% high quality.

The company used to be called “Global Engineering Solutions” but after the rebranding in 2021 the company presented its new name – B&K Precision Machining. Throughout the whole time of the company’s existence there has been seen significant progress. We have optimized business processes, improved the production culture, introduced a leadership system and reached a new level in the modernization of our enterprise. We decided that this should be reflected in the corporate symbols, so we rebranded.

The new name of the company is B&K Precision Machining. The first letters are the initials of the people who stood at the origins of the enterprise – Andriy Burkovych and Yuriy Kochera. After all, both of them always say “Precision Machining is exactly what we love and know how to do”.

Mission Statement of  B&K Precision Machining

“To ensure prompt delivery of CNC parts and components to our customers so that their final product will be manufactured better, faster, and cost-effective.”

We fulfill our mission by providing a comprehensive service. The client does not need to worry about the nuances. The whole process comes down to a simple formula: “Sent a drawing – received a ready-made part”.

Our team will take care of the complete process. We will choose the raw material according to the drawing’s specifications. The next step will be to choose the correct processing method. Then comes the manufacturing process and finally, the surface treatment of the part.

We will also provide additional services – bending, welding, cutting, engraving. The customer receives a finished product that can be used immediately for its intended purpose.

Sometimes our engineering team can suggest the optimization of the part to either reduce its cost or even improve its performance. In this case, we make sure to notify the customer about these suggestions and the benefits he receives once accepting our ideas.

Our values

  • Partnership. We see in every order not just a bunch of components, but an essential part of something great. We are always trying to understand the core values of our client’s business. This is how we can help them in creating an excellent product. So we would rather prefer to be considered as a real partner, not just as a supplier.
  • Long-term relationships. We think globally and look towards the future instead of chasing solely short-term goals. We do our best to become a reliable partner for each and every of our clients.
  • Reliability. We understand how important it is for our customers to receive a high-quality part that perfectly meets the technical requirements set in the drawing. Therefore we always double-check the finished order before its shipment. So that our customers know: B&K Precision Machining can be relied on.
  • Innovations. The modern world is developing at a breakneck pace. Nothing stands still. Therefore, we are constantly developing CNC metalworking technologies, updating the machine park. And we are constantly mastering some brand-new metalworking technologies that have just appeared on the market.
  • Stable leadership. B&K Precision Machining has been growing steadily since the very time of its foundation. We think it is all due to every person who is a part of the team. We highly value leadership in each of them – from company executives to CNC machine tool operators. We really like to add new talents to our diligent team. With a permanent internal training and certification program for all the employees, the process of improvement is always in action here. Moreover, we regularly increase production capacity and master new technologies. In our opinion, it is what makes us a worthy opponent to the giants in the metalworking industry. And we strive to reach that leading point in the near future as well.

Our philosophy – keeping the workplace clean and in order (5S)

We believe that a worker can perform well only if his workplace is properly equipped, and is also in perfect order. Every day, each of our employees begins and ends their working day by cleaning up the working space.

To put our philosophical vision into practice, we use the Japanese 5S workplace rationalization system. Here’s how we execute each “S”:

  • Sorting (seiri 整理): Employees already have ready-made lists of things they need in the workplace. If necessary, they can change after discussing it with the manager. Workplace inspection is a must both before and after work.
  • Maintenance of order (seiton 整頓): The space around the workplace is divided into zones. All of them are signed and marked. Therefore, the employee can find anything he needs in no time.
  • Cleanliness (seiso 清掃): The employee is responsible for the cleanliness of his workplace. His senior colleague and shift manager do the check on it regularly. The cleaning itself is usually carried out during the working day, at a time when the CNC machine does not require operator intervention. As soon as the dirt appears, it is removed.
  • Standardization (seiketsu 清潔). All our business processes are described in detail and digitized. Every action of the employee is regulated. The staff’s knowledge of business processes and corporate standards of the company are systematically assessed.
  • Improvement ( shitsuke しつけ). We developed a training program for all employees. The staff of the enterprise is divided into groups by type of activity and experience. Everyone continues to learn – from an ordinary employee to the head of the enterprise. We truly believe that learning is like the horizon, there is no limit.

Our mindset – the maximum focus on the interests and needs of the client (Lean manufacturing)

We work exclusively in the B2B market, supplying parts and components to other companies, which use them in their products. To be successful, we need to understand the customers’ needs, to know their main values, what problems and challenges our clients face on a daily basis.
Customer needs are the main criterion for us when it comes to optimizing business processes. And continuous improvement allows us to meet the client’s expectations every time even better, faster and less costly.

Our vision

We are fully focused on modern metalworking technologies. We constantly strive to be the best in the field. The recipe for success, in our opinion, consists of five components – team, process organization, quality control, equipment and materials.

The Team

The days when people simply performed monotonous operations behind the machines are long gone. Today, any repetitive process can be easily automated. Actually, CNC machines have been developed  exactly for this purpose. A modern machine operator is an intelligent, resourceful and educated person with a creative approach.

Our company pays special attention to headhunting the best talents in the industry. We form a team of leaders, of those who are interested in the result, not in the process. We are constantly looking for new talents. Our team values each employee and truly cares about their professional development.

B&K Precision Machining has established an internal educational program and certification training for its team. Every employee, regardless of previous experience, position or line of work, devotes his time to it. At the end of the course he passes the internal certification. His future career path depends on the results.

Process management

Nothing is so time-consuming and reduces quality so much as a poorly organized production process. This is an area that needs constant improvement. We spare no effort and resources to invest in the proper organization of processes. We believe that we have already achieved some success in this, but we are never going to stop moving forward.

Process management B&K Precision Machining

All our business processes are described in detail and digitized, in accordance with the requirements of ISO certification. Moreover, the knowledge of the relevant business processes  is regularly assessed among our employees, so they get more and more proper knowledge about the sphere they are working in.

Quality control 

Flawless quality is the key to success in the relationship with the client. After all, every part is going to become a component of an integrated system, the heart of the product. Therefore, at every stage of production, from the processing of drawings and selection of raw materials, to the packaging of finished products, we conduct quality control.

Each of our employees, before passing the part further along the production chain, carries out the control within its own competence and the described procedure.

The most important stages:

  • Receipt of raw materials from the supplier.
  • Obtaining raw materials from the warehouse to production.
  • Control of the first part.
  • Interim check, carried out by a quality control engineer during his daily rounds.
  • Interim control on the machine carried out by the operator.
  • Selective control of the parts once the batch is complete.

During each stage, our employees fill in the quality protocol which, afterward, is digitized and stored.


It is hardly possible to quickly and efficiently manufacture a part without appropriate equipment. That is why we do a lot of work to maintain and renew our machine park. Moreover, we replace the old CNC machines with new ones not only in case of dysfunctioning, but also when the new and thus better technologies appear on the market.

At the moment our production gives its preference to manufacturers such as HAAS and Mazak. But this is not a dogma. If there is a technique that will help us to fulfill our customers’ orders even better and faster, we will switch to it.

Even the best CNC machines no longer meet our requirements. Therefore, we additionally complete them with various devices. For example, we add:

  • Automatic binding of workpieces and tools;
  • Devices for measuring parts during processing;
  • Automated bar feeders;
  • Robot hands with palletized cabinets for feeding workpieces;

This allows us to perform standard operations faster and better.


If we talk about the quality of materials, we do not compromise here. Years of cooperation with different suppliers from the EU made us experienced and selective when it comes to choosing the partner. After all, we already have a number of reliable suppliers and work with them most of the time.

Our company requires material certificates as well as other documents that confirm the quality of the ordered raw material. However, even with all the documentation, we provide internal quality control of the delivered products.