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Aluminum parts manufacturing according to your drawings

We work with customers’ drawings of any format. Our company offers CNC machining of aluminum parts with a precision of up to 0,01 mm. B&K Precision Machining processes all types of aluminum alloys. Also, we are happy to help your engineers with the optimization of your part to either reduce the cost or improve technical characteristics of the component during its exploitation.

Aluminum is an exceptional material for parts production

Aluminum is light, plastic and easy to process material. It is less hard than steel but it has better corrosion resistance. If the hardness of the aluminum meets your requirements we would recommend considering this alloy for your parts manufacturing. In such a case, you will save money on the very material plus, it will help to reduce the manufacturing time. 

Overall, aluminum parts are three times faster to be machined than the same parts made of steel. You will save also on the tools, as for aluminum processing, production costs are reduced. Therefore, if your parts can be made of aluminum it is recommended to stick with it.

Aluminum is an exceptional material for parts production

Common challenges for CNC machining of aluminum parts. Points to keep in mind for engineers.

There are a few challenges you need to keep in mind designing aluminum parts. 70% of our products are made of aluminum. We are happy to share our professional experience with you.

The importance of choosing the right alloy

Do not rush to make a decision when choosing aluminum alloy for your project. The right alloy may significantly improve technical characteristics of your product. Here are some most common types of aluminum used in CNC machining: 

  1. aluminum 6061 – mainly used on 3,4 and 5 axis CNC milling machines. It has great mechanical properties and is easy to weld. The hardness of this alloy ranges from medium to high level. This alloy is easy to anodize and bend. 
  2. aluminum 7075 – this alloy has a high impact resistance however, it is not applicable for welding due to its properties. Also, this alloy has high corrosion resistance. It is a very common material in the bicycle and wheelchair industries. 
  3. aluminum 2024 – is widely used in the aerospace and military industries. This alloy has good wearability and high corrosion resistance in harsh environments. However, it is also considered to be a poorly weldable material.

We highly recommend you to choose the right aluminum alloy. Get in touch with our engineers if you need any help with it. Their rich experience in machining a variety of aluminum alloys will definitely help you. 

CNC machines allow you to manufacture highly complex parts

We’ve seen a lot in our practice: some clients apply extra processing once the part is machined, some divide one part into several components. Such manipulations should be excluded from your practice as modern CNC equipment can process parts of high complexity. Such machining can be either achieved by a subsequent set of machining operations or with help of CNC turn-milling machines. The second option also allows you to significantly decrease the price.

Avoid excessive heat concentration on aluminum parts

Keep in mind that aluminum has a fairly low melting point – 660,3°C. Therefore, it is very susceptible to thermal deformation.

Our production uses a technology of symmetrical processing to avoid thermal deformation of our products. We highly recommend to wisely choose aluminum alloy for the moving parts even in designing bicycles as even the slightest deformation of one component may lead to damages in the whole construction. 

Order CNC aluminum parts and components with B&K Precision Machining

We supply all our metals and alloys from the leading EU suppliers. Our company guarantees that your part will be made according to the specifications of your drawings. Our engineers will gladly help you to optimize your design to make your product cost-effective while our machine operators will ensure 100% quality of each aluminum part made on CNC turning & milling machines.