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Anodizing of aluminum parts at B&K Precision Machining: Corrosion protection and decor

Our company offers a full spectrum of services starting from cut of raw materials and up to surface treatment. We provide all types of anodizing whether you need it as a protective or just as a decorative layer. As a result, you receive a ready part that can be used right away in your equipment.

B&K Precision Machining also offers E0-E6 chemical etching of aluminum according to the standards ISO 7599:2010 (E). This coating will make the surface of the part smooth and matt if necessary.

Anodizing of aluminum – what is that?

To put it simply, anodizing is a process when an aluminum part is immersed into electrolyte where the direct current is passed through the part.  The top layer of the surface turns into aluminum oxide. The right coating of the aluminum oxide makes the surface of the part resistive to corrosion and prolong wearability of the part. Oxide also becomes a basis if you plan to apply color to the surface. Anode or oxide film on the surface of aluminum is an excellent primer for other types of coatings (e.g. paint or powder coating).

Anodizing of aluminum - what is that?

The color you receive during natural anodizing of the part mainly depends on the alloy of aluminum you used. We can offer you the anodizing of any color. Our specialists work with chemicals supplied from  US Specialty Color Corporation.

We provide the following types of anodizing:

  • Standard anodizing (natural & black)
  • Hard anodizing
  • Anodizing with paint/powder coating afterwards
  • Customized types of anodizing (for more details get in touch with our managers)

Reasons to order CNC milling services at B&K Precision Machining

B&K Precision Machining is ready to offer a full cycle production. Our competence is not limited by anodizing as we can offer the complete manufacturing process of your parts. All you need to do is to send us your drawing, 3D file or the sample of your product and we will take it from there. Our team will take care of all the production stages and you receive a ready part that is made according to your drawing and all technical specifications. 

We managed to headhunt the best anodizing specialist in our region and gather a team of professional employees. Training and practical experience helped our staff to improve the standard anodizing production process that resulted in our own life hacks on how to make the anodizing process faster and of better quality. 

B&K Precision Machining pays special attention to materials, reagents and dyes that are used. We supply all chemicals from leading European and American brands. 

We guarantee to follow your requirements for the precise dimensions before and after anodizing. We use a large range of tools to measure the most vulnerable areas (e.g. calibers, micrometers, thickness gauges)

Reasons to choose anodizing

Aluminum possesses a number of great qualities. It is light, plastic and easy to process. Plus, it does not cost much. However, aluminum as many other alloys requires additional protection. This metal may easily corrode or lose its properties under the influence of natural factors. Its wearability may also suffer as salt deposits may appear on its surface. In order to prevent such from happening it is recommended to apply a protective coating. Anodizing is the best match for aluminum parts. This type of surface treatment not only protects the part but also may add some other properties such as change the electrical conductivity, increase wear resistance or add decorative properties. 

Polished aluminum looks great. However, it loses its shine under the influence of atmospheric phenomena. Anodizing surface may be matt or shiny, natural or colored and its main advantage is that its flawless appearance of the new product lasts way longer. 

Other types of surface treatment 

Our galvanic capabilities are very flexible. If you require any other type of protective or decorative surface treatments we will be happy to help you. Our team will be happy to help you even if you require some unique and rare types of surface treatments. Get in touch with our colleagues.