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CNC milling services by B&K Precision Machining: precise machining

Our company offers manufacturing of parts according to your drawings. We provide CNC milling services. Our equipment includes such machines as HAAS, Mazak and others. We strictly follow all the requirements of our customers and are ready to launch your order right away.

Part millingParameters
Maximum dimensions250х1000х700 mm
Minimum dimensions4х4х4 mm
Machining accuracyup to 0.005 mm

Milling services – what are they?

The principle of a milling machine differs from turning – the workpiece is fixed and the tool rotates around it. The process is controlled by a computer that receives data from many sensors. It allows high accuracy of processing of up to 0,01 mm. 

Milling processing takes longer rather than turning but it gives more possibilities for machining. However, when it comes to the production of serial batches there is almost no difference in price for turning and milling services. 

CNC milling on Haas VF-2SS

CNC milling machines may have three, four or five axis. The decision on which equipment to use depends on the complexity of the parts and is made by the production.  

The machine operator clamps the workpiece on the machine and starts the program. Once this is done, the CNC machine processes the part automatically. For every new part, the engineers are writing an individual program for the machine. Each engineer has his own style. Therefore, the approaches to writing the programs differ from engineer to engineer. Our team consists of highly experienced engineers. We are happy to help you with the optimization of your parts to simplify the manufacturing cost and reduce the price of your product.

Milling processing may be a part of complex machining. The part may be machined on the turning machine and then milling or vice versa.

CNC milling on Haas VM-2

Types of materials we process on CNC milling machines

  • steel – alloy, non alloy and stainless;
  • aluminum and its alloys;
  • brass, bronze;
  • copper;
  • plastic – Acetal, ABS, Acrylic, Nylon, Polycarbonate, PTFE, Polypropylene, Polyethylene and others;
  • titanium;
  • zinc;
  • other metals and alloys

Why you should order CNC milling services at B&K Precision Machining

Your main advantage of working with us is that we provide a full cycle of manufacturing services. All you need to do is send us your drawing, 3D file or sample of the part and our team will take it from there: order the requested material, program and set up the machine, check the dimensions and quality of the part. You will receive ready, high quality parts with little effort from your end. 

B&K Precision Machining supplies all raw materials from reliable EU partners. We can provide you with all the certificates and necessary documentation upon request. 

Get in touch with our team – you will get the best service from our managers and technical assistance from our engineering department. 

Our aim is to strictly maintain the lead time and technical requirements of our customers. 

Reasons to manufacture your parts on CNC milling machines

Milling processing is applied depending on the shape and complexity of the part. Usually, the manufacturing process takes a couple of stages where both turning and milling processes may combine. Contact our engineers so they can help you to choose the most effective processing technology.

Who orders CNC milling services?

We supply milling parts to automotive, oil & gas, machinery manufacturers as these sectors require complex parts for their production. If you are looking for a partner with precise manufacturing capabilities and a short lead time you should get in touch with B&K Precision Machining.