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CNC turning services by B&K Precision Machining: proven top quality

Turning is used for the manufacturing of parts that are symmetric with respect to a single axis of rotation. As a rule, turning makes it possible to receive higher quality of the processed surface in comparison to milling.
We can perform high-precision turning metalwork with tolerances starting from 0.01 mm (6th quality). Due to the optimization of production, use of LEAN-tools, and application of our own know-how, we can execute any orders. And when working with batches of 50-200 pieces of one article, we can offer the best prices and terms in the industry.

Our company specializes in precise machining of metal and plastic. We offer CNC turning services on such machines as HAAS. B&K Precision Machining provides a full range of services for serial production.

Technical capabilitiesParameters
Minimum machining diameter2 mm
Maximum machining diameter350 mm
Minimum part length2 mm
Maximum part length600 mm
Machining accuracyup to 0.005 mm

Turning services – what are they? 

CNC turning machine rotates the workpiece around its own axis bringing the tool to it. The process is controlled by a computer that receives data from many sensors. It allows high accuracy of processing of up to 0,01 mm. 

Turning processing may be a part of more complex machining. Our engineers will gladly help you to choose the right processing technologies to achieve top quality of the part and all the requirements mentioned on your drawings. Our team may also help you to optimize your drawing to make the part more cost effective or improve its functionality.

Machining of CNC turning part

How we perform turning work

To start the process of production of one part is not that difficult. We need to write a machining program for the CNC machine, cut the workpiece, set up the machine and get started. But when many orders arrive at the same time, difficulties begin. Different materials, different requirements, different processing. And every customer wants to get ready-made parts as soon as possible.
Guided by the principles of Lean manufacturing, we have developed our own system of production organization which helps to be able to always fulfill each order on time regardless of the component size, requirements, and materials.

The optimal formula for round-the-clock production

We work 24/7 without weekends during winter and summer. However, night production is different from day production. For night shifts, we choose large and medium series of parts. This is for minimizing machine reconfiguration and some other processes. And during the day we make small and medium series.
At the same time, not only operators but also debuggers work. Their job is to quickly reconfigure machines from the production of one part to another. We have studied Toyota’s experience very closely, and now we apply SMED best practices to continuously reduce reconfiguration time and increase continuous production time.

Equipment standardization

We use lathes from the American manufacturer, which is our reliable partner – Haas Automation, Inc. This allows us to standardize the maintenance of machines, speed up staff training and minimize downtime.
We rely on interchangeability. Our employees can easily move from one machine to another, helping each other. More experienced workers can give a piece of advice to beginners.
Therefore, we offer a way higher speed of manufacturing a batch of parts by turning on CNC machines than other companies in our field.

Types of materials we process on CNC machines

  • steel – alloy, non alloy and stainless;
  • aluminum and its alloys;
  • brass, bronze;
  • copper;
  • plastic – Acetal, ABS, Acrylic, Nylon, Polycarbonate, PTFE, Polypropylene, Polyethylene and others;
  • titanium;
  • zinc;
  • other metals and alloys

Turning services on different metals

The power of our equipment and the rigidity of the tool are enough to handle any standard materials, from soft polymers to strong materials such as steel and titanium.

Why you should order CNC turning services at B&K Precision Machining

We offer a full spectrum of services. Our company is driven by a principle – placed an order and received your parts. All you need to do is to send us your drawings with all technical requirements. Our engineers will take it from there and you receive ready products right on time. 

We work with the drawings in any format. You can also send us a picture with all the dimensions or ship us a sample of the part that needs to be manufactured. 

B&K Precision Machining supplies raw material from EU manufacturers. We keep an extensive stock of raw material in-house to immediately launch the manufacturing of any part. Our products are inspected for quality reasons at each stage of production starting from raw material control and up till the packaging of the ready parts. The team of B&K Precision Machining is always happy to help you.

Working with metric and imperial systems of measurement

Although we prefer the metric system, we can also work with the imperial system of measurement. We have enough measuring equipment to control the quality of finished products in both inches and centimeters.
Very often, our clients send drawings with an excessive number of the specified sizes. Or vice versa, they send only 3D models. Our engineers are ready to accept drawings in any format in order to accurately fulfill the order. Submit your drawings today and let’s start working together!

Reasons to manufacture your parts on CNC turning machines

Turning processing on CNC equipment helps to significantly reduce manufacturing time. Our company has a large range of CNC turning machines to cover orders of any batch size and complexity. 

Who orders CNC turning services?

B&K Precision Machining cooperates with companies from various industries. We supply turning parts to manufacturers of wheelchairs, bicycles, medical and measuring equipment. Quite often turning parts are needed in a heavy industry to produce mining equipment, complex mechanisms etc.