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B&K Precision Machining manufactures spare parts for such industries

Our company has years of experience and an efficient production base to manufacture any type of components. Send us your drawing and get your quotation right away.
We are exceptionally interested in cooperation with you if your company is a part of the industries mentioned down below.

Spare parts for test equipment

Manufacturing components for such equipment is the biggest challenge for us. After all, they must withstand extremely heavy loads. Even a small shortage or deviation in size would be detected immediately.

But we are proud to say that we can do this work properly. Customers who ordered such components were not disappointed. The secret of success is very simple – quality control and extremely precise work on CNC machines.

Probably you have watched those spectacular videos about how a new car is tested for strength and safety. In a matter of seconds, it turns into a pile of metal. But the complex mechanism by which the blow is inflicted remains intact. Probably because it contains spare parts made by B&K Precision Machining.

Spare parts for the aerospace industry

We are proud to manufacture parts for the devices that even go into space. Usually, the device is far away somewhere out there in space, so there is no way to replace the part. Therefore, we must produce extremely durable spare parts. They should be made of such metal as titanium or some special aluminum alloys.

Aluminum is indeed widely used among aerospace engineers. That is why it is often called “flying metal”. And we, at B&K Precision Machining, are happy to give it wings.

Parts for medical and dental equipment, prostheses, exoskeletons.

Details for medical equipment, prostheses, exoskeletons.
Spare parts for dental equipment

Human life and health are our highest values. Therefore, we have a special relationship with customers representing the medical industry. Making parts for wheelchairs, prostheses or exoskeletons feels like we are giving people another chance for a better life. And it makes us really proud of ourselves, and the work we do every day.

When making parts for medical equipment, we often work with stainless steel. This is a rather difficult material to process but we love and know how to work with it.

We are especially proud of the production of parts for dental equipment which requires high strength and precise machining accuracy. CNC machines at B&K Precision Machining definitely meet these requirements.

Spare parts for sensors and measuring equipment

Spare parts for sensors and measuring equipment

These are quite small items. But the accuracy of processing is simply incredible – sometimes customers require 1/100 mm. This is a challenge, but a good one. We have experience in manufacturing spare parts for devices such as radiometers, precision scales, laser measuring devices.

You can order such spare parts from us anytime. We offer a very convenient lead time for the parts made exactly according to your drawings.

Spare parts for pneumatic systems

Spare parts for pneumatic systems

It seems like the air is weightless. But when the gas in the pneumatic system is under high pressure, it is very difficult to keep it. Special parts are required here. We make them from special grades of steel and bronze, in order to meet the expectations of our customers.

Components for robotics

Details for robotics

Some science fiction writers would be surprised to know that components for robotics are actually made by human operators on CNC machines. It is true that the creative approach is definitely needed here. And there are no doubts that it is something that the team of B&K Precision Machining has.

Spare parts for the food industry

Spare parts for the food industry

Quite often we had to make elements of dispensers used in the food industry. Such parts are usually needed to pour yogurt or melted chocolate. Of course, the materials have strict requirements applied to them, especially those about hygiene, endurance to action of acids or other aggressive substances.

Components for printing presses and the printing industry

Details for printing presses and the printing industry

Although we all use smartphones and tablets, the printing industry has not disappeared, it lives and thrives. New machines appear on the market, and we make spare parts for them.

Spare parts for lighting and electrical equipment

Spare parts for lighting equipment and electrical equipment

Brass, bronze and even copper are most often used for the production of parts for lighting equipment. They are easy to work with, and the processing is less time-consuming.

Components for communication and telecommunication equipment

Details for communication equipment and telecommunication equipment

For some it may be a surprise but a smartphone consists not only of chips. We manufacture body and chassis parts for various electronics and telecommunications equipment.

Spare parts for packaging equipment

Spare parts for packaging equipment

The more e-commerce branch develops, the more automated packaging equipment is needed. We manufacture a wide range of necessary parts for packaging machines.