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Additional metalworking services by B&K Precision Machining: complex approach

B&K Precision Machining specializes in supplying manufacturers with necessary components. We prefer a complex approach, delivering the ready-made product to our client. Therefore, in addition to CNC machining, our company offers a range of other metalworking services. Sometimes we cooperate with subcontractors, but mostly we do the work ourselves. In both cases, the quality control is always thoroughly done. There is nothing more important to us than the satisfied client who got the product, which can be used for the intended purposes right away.


Our specialists can reach any requirements regarding the surface roughness with help of grinding. This process can be applied either with a decorative purpose or the functional one. In both cases, our clients receive the surface according to their drawing and technical requirements.


Hardening is usually applied to change the strength characteristics of metal prior to turning or milling processing. We offer different types of hardening. Send your drawings to our managers and they will help you choose the most suitable option for you.

Cutting on a band saw

This is probably most common method of primary processing of the workpieces. In some cases, cutting with a band saw can be done even after processing. But the most important thing is that it has no impact on the final result.
You don’t need to look for a place where to do it yourself. It is enough to provide us with the specification and technical requirements. Everything else will be done by our specialists.

Waterjet cutting

The method of waterjet cutting is more complicated, but in some cases, it is better than any other. The machine uses a jet of a mixture of water and abrasive material instead of a metal cutter. Hydroabrasive cutting minimizes thermal influence on the material. This method shows the highest efficiency on sheet metal with a thickness of up to 8 mm.

Laser cutting

This is the most modern method of processing where a high-power laser beam is used. However, laser cutting also has some drawbacks. For example, it is more time-consuming than other technologies.
On the other side, if the material from which the part is made is brittle or easily deformed, then laser cutting is an ideal solution.

Laser engraving

The above mentioned method allows applying the image using a laser beam. It opens up new opportunities for designers. Such procedure is perfect for applying technical or safety markings on a part. Laser engraving enables adjusting the depth, thus creating a relief on the surface of a part. If laser cutting can be counted as inferior in speed to other cutting methods, then laser engraving is considered to be much faster than other imaging technologies.

Electrical discharge machining

This is a method of metalworking, in which we use electrical discharges that occur between the workpiece and the electrode-tool. It is quite a good method in case you want to change the shape, size or other properties of the workpiece surface. Such technology gives engineers space to find new, original solutions.


We do bending of all types of materials on our machines. Contact our managers to know the details, and they will offer you different options, among which you can make your choice depending on the size of your part, needed materials, etc.


Our company can offer different welding techniques. Also we have partners, who are ready to offer welding of almost all the existing materials and their alloys. Therefore, don’t hesitate to send us a drawing of the necessary component, together with the technical specifications.