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How we respond to COVID-19

Let’s fight COVID-19 together

How B&K Precision Machining confronts global pandemic and ensures continuous processing of orders in such tough conditions

We highly appreciate your trust in our company. During this difficult time it is very important for both people and companies to keep calm and act wisely. Therefore, we have taken all necessary measures to counteract the spread of the pandemic and to ensure the continuous work of our production site. We do our best to ensure the safety of our customers, employees and suppliers. We believe that it is our responsibility to inform our clients about security measures and current state of affairs in the company. 

How B&K Precision Machining does the business during the pandemic

We managed to organize the workflow in such a way that the lead time for your orders did not change. To ensure this:

  • We keep a large amount of raw material in our stock to process your orders;
  • We are receiving the raw materials from our suppliers within the same lead time as before the pandemic;
  • Average lead time to process your order (e.g. batch of 1000 units of parts of medium complexity) – 21 day;
  • Our logistic department as well as our partners continue to work as usual. Delivery time of the order to any place within the European Union is up to 4 days;
  • The work of the sales department remains without changes too. Response to the client’s request – no later than 2 hours, preparation of quote according to the drawing – no later than 2 days.

The contribution of B&K Precision Machining to the fight against the pandemic and the spread of COVID-19 infection

Owners, employees and management of our company are aware of social and humanitarian responsibility during these difficult times. Thus, we implemented the following actions:

  • We are already manufacturing parts for mechanical ventilation equipment. Since the beginning of the pandemic we have given the highest priority for the parts needed for the ventilators;
  • We also prioritized the manufacturing of parts for other medical equipments;
  • We’ve offered our services and the most favorable terms of cooperation to those manufacturers of medical equipment and assistive ventilation equipment with whom we do not work yet; 
  • We support our employees with everything needed during the pandemic;
  • Our company cooperates with local governmental bodies and supports them in all possible ways;

We sincerely thank our employees, partners and everyone who assist us in this work.

How does B&K counteract the spread of coronavirus infection in terms of production

We fully comply with all the guidelines and recommendations of the World Health Organization, the Ministry of Health and leading epidemiologists. In order to avoid the spread of infection within our team:

  • We arranged our own transports for every member of the team to/from work. Thus, we do not use public transport during the pandemic;
  • Head of production divided our employees into 12 small groups in accordance with the machines & technological duties they do. We ensured that the members of different groups do not interact with each other. Therefore, we isolated our employees, limiting their contacts with each other to minimum. 
  • Our employees are strictly forbidden to show to work in case they have any symptoms of the disease or if they don’t feel well. Thankfully, everyone is safe and sound here. 
  • The HR department provided all personnel with personal protective equipment, disinfectants and other necessary materials.
  • We obligated employees to perform hygienic and protective procedures regularly and frequently. Also, some particular employees are responsible for the safety compliance at each group.
  • The management has agreed with our healthcare facilities to test the employees in case the least suspicion of infection is detected.

We’d like to thank all our customers, suppliers and employees. Sincerely hope that these tough times will pass soon and we’ll be back to our regular daily routine. Together we can overcome this pandemic and minimize all the negative consequences.