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CNC turn-milling services by B&K Precision Machining: high processing accuracy

Our company manufactures customized components, and therefore we offer you our CNC turn-milling services.
All the parts are made according to your drawings. We offer full cycle production: our client sends us the drawings with technical specifications and gets the ready-made parts.

Our in-house capabilities allow us to offer you a range of additional services: prepare the worpieces, apply finishing coating, anodize aluminbum etc.
Order CNC turn-milling services at B&K Precision Machining right now. We would be happy to become your reliable partner in the field of metal processing.

CNC turn-milling services – what are they?

Some parts are best made on a lathe e.g. if they have a round shape or thread. Other parts have a complex shape and it is better to make them on the milling machine. However, there are often products for the manufacture of which it is better to use both machines.
For example, if it is a parallelepiped shaped part with a threaded hole. In such cases, turn-milling machines are used to manufacture the parts. In such machines, both the part and the tool that processes it can rotate. This significantly reduces production time. After all, there is no need to transfer the workpiece from one machine to another. And there is no need to spend time to clamp the worpiece a couple of times on different machines.
Therefore, the processing of metal or plastic on CNC turn-milling machine is a great opportunity to make a part less expensive and time-consuming. We will be happy to provide it to your company.
Contact our managers and engineers – they will advise you which method of processing is better to choose in your case.

Types of materials we process on CNC turn-milling machines

  • steel – alloy, non alloy and stainless;
  • aluminum and its alloys;
  • brass, bronze;
  • copper;
  • plastic – Acetal, ABS, Acrylic, Nylon, Polycarbonate, PTFE, Polypropylene, Polyethylene and others;
  • titanium;
  • zinc;
  • other metals and alloys.

Why you should order CNC turn-milling services at B&K Precision Machining

If you decide to use our manufacturing services, then you can fully rely on us and there is no need to worry about the internal processes. It is our responsibility to find the high-quality raw material, and apply a coating if needed. You just send us the drawing, and the next thing for you is to receive a ready-made product from us, a component made exactly according to your requirements.

Moreover, our engineering team is always ready to assist you with the project design. Due to the vast experience, they can give a relevant piece of advice, concerning possible reduction of the cost of a part or improving its performance characteristics, like durability for example.

We work efficiently, keeping a close eye on all the stages of work, maintaining high quality, and offering reasonable prices.
This way we are making sure that all of our clients stay satisfied with the result of our cooperation.

Reasons to manufacture your parts on CNC turn-milling machines

As a rule, this method is used for manufacturing complex small-sized components. But in the modern engineering world there are no restrictions, or rules that we should blindly follow. Every request is unique itself, so all you need to do is to request the assistance of our managers or engineers. They will definitely be of great help to help you make the right decision for the manufacturing process.

Who orders CNC turn-milling services?

Parts for devices and complex mechanisms are usually produced on our turn-milling machines. They are to be used as components in high-precision measuring instruments or moving mechanisms in packaging machines. We have years of experience in manufacturing spare parts for printers, and heavy printing machines. Our company actively works with manufacturers of equipment for the food industry. It is quite possible that some parts of products used by you in the kitchen in everyday life were made right there on our turn-milling machines.